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Why 24 7 HUBS Why NOW?

Over the last 5 years and especially throughout the pandemic, the UK along with all major economies of the world, has seen a greater increase in the gig economy; supply of freelancers and zero hours contracts have accelerated with no slowing down on the horizon.

More than 1m people are on Zero Hours now.

More than 2m people are Freelancing.

That’s more than 10% of people in full time employment (well Pre-Covid anyway).

It’s clear to see, the trend is up and will continue on this trajectory as the world will never be the same again and instead of gradually arriving at the new way of working, the lockdowns have sped up the process.


We are experiencing:
Growth in; Subscription models (video streaming/motorcars/clothing/food and drink etc.); Technology services; Downsizing office space; Working from home; Making the best use of time; Quality family time; Appreciating time off.
Decrease in; Travelling time and costs; Costly office space; Expenses

We are living in the new world where long term commitments are so 20th Century. We want to be able to pick things up, run with them and let them go if they no longer suit.

  • Mortgages are no longer something to aspire to; Cash car purchases are rare; The desire to lease offices has decreased.
  • According to the UK Office for National Statistics (ONS), in April 2020 46.6% of people in employment did some work at home and 86% of those did so because of the pandemic.
  • As more people have moved away from the office setting, businesses require a flexible way of accessing the skills they need.
  • Similarly, employees want to assert more control over their workloads to have a more equal work-life balance.
We all want FLEXIBILITY, to do what we like, how we like, where we like and when we like.

What Home Hub does is look at the above and create a solution that not only works in the time we live in but for future years to come.


  • Secure apartments for business or personal use
  • Gym facilities
  • Food courts
  • Coffee places

All encompassed in relaxed surroundings.

Don’t want to work in your office? Pop down for a coffee or a restaurant, take your laptop with you as the whole campus has WiFi. A change of scenery can do a lot for productivity.


  • Social interaction
  • Business interaction
  • Leisure interaction
  • Sustenance

All in one location – 24 7 HUBS


The hospitality sector is struggling, hotels with 50+ rooms are particularly at risk of failing

New entrants will be putting plans on hold due to the uncertainty and shift in demand
Sales of hotel businesses will cause downward pressure on valuations.

Purchasing a hotel with a view to continuing the business will mean a substantial decrease in market value to take into account the low demand for the next few years.

Costly exercises of the 20th Century

21st Century thinking
Re-imagining space requires substantial alteration in thinking and less so the physical space.

Our Platform

  • Sourcing locations
  • Undertaking the works
  • Finding tenants
  • Managing the campus
  • Running the hubs
  • Providing the services
  • Our Partners/to be moved to Our Platform when appropriate
  • Hub Xtra
  • Restaurants
  • Bars
  • Coffee outlets
  • Own brand or under licence

Our Assets

  • Talented Directors
  • Access to Capital
  • ECO System
  • Speed

Our Directors

Help to pull things together plus:
1. Be part of something that is going places and in keeping with the times
2. Given an equity stake
3. Have a job

Our Partners

They provide the services 24 7 HUBS require:

  • Administration
  • Accounting
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Maintenance
  • Management


  • We are at a low point in the economy.
  • Unemployment is at an all-time high.
  • Pessimism is growing.
  • Traditional services are suffering.
  • Hospitality is on its knees.

We have a proposal that is asset backed with potential growth

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