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What is 24 7 Hubs?

HQ DC are re-purposing and re-imagining hotel space.

24 7 Hubs have living space aimed at professionals wanting a more campus like experience.

Each 24 7 Hubs environment includes a work hub and a shared co-working space, these areas are open to members living outside the Home Hub facility.

These provide the tools and freedom to combine work, leisure and living in whatever way people choose to fit best into their lifestyles.

We provide a way for focused professional communities to help shape our future.

A New R & D

Re-purpose & Develop

What is R & D in the New World post covid?

  • Everything has changed.
  • The way we live.
  • The way we work.
  • The way we travel.
  • The way we relax.
  • Everything has changed.

The hospitality industry is on its knees and there are people waiting in the wings for when the price is right to buy these properties.

When the hotels are fairly valued, they will either buy them with the hope of getting through the covid storm and reach calmer waters, running them as best they can without the legacy issues or they will convert them to dwellings – as most developers do.

There is nothing wrong with either strategy. It’s worked in the past. So it will work in the future, right?

Let’s re-purpose

Yes, the way has changed.

By purchasing hotels where the value of the property has been deeply discounted to reflect the profit or potential profit of the site.

We can invest in making minor changes to the buildings in order to start earning almost immediately.

Using the revenue generated to explore the potential development opportunities

Our minimum requirements for R&D

  • 50+ Rooms with bathrooms
  • Business Centre
  • Leisure Facilitie
  • Garden Area
  • Restaurant
  • Bar/Lounge

How could we work with you?

We are looking for people who will work with us to re-purpose and develop these opportunities;

Re-purposing a hotel and its facilities into a Hub Community
Developing the property to increase value and/or revenue
It is easy if you know what you are doing.

It’s the simplest things to be a Complex.

Values are falling or bouncing off multi year lows, please get in touch if you are looking for a collaborative venture or a fixed price contract.

If you have a Vision We will help you to turn it into reality

2020/21 – Business HUBS

A key focus for HQ DC on our development side is on creating our own business hubs, bringing together the different types of support we are able to give small businesses, the first of which will be in Nottingham.

However, remember that although this is our development focus, we still get involved with most types of work!

2020/21  – Retail Sector

A key focus for the contracting side of HQ DC will be in the retail sector, at the smaller end with small chains, down to individual stores, from clothing and bookstores to cafes and takeaways, (not inclduing convenience stores).

However, remember that although this is a key focus for us, we still get involved with most types of work!

HQ DC Smarter PODs

Smarter PODs are the bringing together of manufacturers with a range of complementary components designed to work together in one digital model that is delivered for the project. 

Essentially, our end clients, as well as any partners such as architects, designers, builders etc. to easily and with great cost effectiveness, specify anything from just one room, up to a range of rooms, small buildings and/or extensions.

Having Smarter PODs allow the easy configuration, stretching and moving of bespoke items along with the adding of objects and components that we already know work together within it.  Not forgetting, the manufacturers and costs already lined up from the start.

This makes going from specification to planning (if required), procurement to building and fitting, a relatively straightforward and controlled process.


Between Us, we all have the right tools

Along with Digital Architect Services, we are a founding member. Come along to an Inspired Meeting; either active or being created in the following areas:

East Midlands, East of England, Greater London, North East, North West, Northern Ireland, Scotland, South East, South West, Wales, West Midlands, Yorkshire and the Humber


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